How Create it Collective got started & the inside scoop on the two humans behind it all.

Create it Collective is your local Buffalo NY blog, created to inspire you to try new things, get creative, explore new places, connect with awesome people, and support local business & creators along the way.

There’s so many cool things going on in Buffalo, but not all of them are always easy to find out about, especially in the suburbs. There’s a lot going on in social media & on the web. Because of that it’s hard for local businesses and creatives to spread the word on the services, products, events, and ideas they want to share with the world.


We’re always looking for new things to do, create, and explore, but every time we would Google “things to do near me” or “creative classes in Buffalo NY” we were always shown the same-every-day results.

And a lot of times, we wouldn’t find out about an awesome event, class, workshop, or meetup until it was already over (and we were seeing recaps on Instagram…resulting in serious FOMO).

We were craving something different than what we were seeing.

We wanted the things that weren’t showing up on Google yet. The things that small businesses were creating for our community, but were having trouble getting out there. So, we decided to become that solution.


No worries, we’re not affiliated with any businesses, ads, marketing, or opinions.

We just believe our city of Buffalo, and surrounding areas, have so many things to offer. And we want to share our love of exploring the city, trying new things, and inspiring the people around us, with you.

We believe whole heartedly in supporting our local people, and we’re trying to make it easier for locals to do the same. We’re the city of good neighbors, through and through.

And to be honest, we’re super stoked about all of the opportunities that Create it Collective is going to open up. We’re not quite sure where it’s headed just yet, but we are passionate about our ideas for it.

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We're passionate about creativity & Community

Mariah - Create it Collective - Buffalo NY


Mariah is a website strategist & consultant over at MariahMagazine.com — but that’s only the professional side of her. She’s also a huge DIY obsessor, recipe tester, avocado toast advocate, and constant explorer of new cities & cafes.

Cori - Create it Collective - Buffalo NY


Cori got a BA in Fine Arts and is still trying to figure out how to bring all of her amazing ideas to life. She’s always in for brunch, DIY Pinterest tutorials, dance parties, and traveling to cities with more sunshine. She’s a total extrovert to her core.

Our Personal favorites:

Our bucket-lists are constantly getting longer, regardless of how many things we cross off.
We’re both *just a little* addicted to trying new things, seeing new places, and meeting new kinds of interesting people.

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